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Borrowed Cloak (Victor Krum X Mina)
  Mina wandered through the hallways during lunch. She was currently looking for Lyra, Jennica and Kambriana. The wind whipped through her hair, causing it to continually blow in front of her eyes.
  ‘I should have worn my hair up today.’

  She looked up into the sky as she walked across the open courtyard, only to see the sky filling up with storm clouds.
  Mina pulled her cloak closer to body, trying to protect her books as he felt the rain start to come down. She aimed herself towards the Great Hall for some food, ducking her head to keep the rain out of her eyes. It seemed the closer she got to shelter, the harder the rain fell.
  Suddenly, a figure off to one side stepped back directly into her part. Mina slammed into the hulking figure, sending her things flying onto the wet cobblestone. People who had seen the fall laughed at her, mainly the Beauxbaton girls. She felt her tears mingle with the rain.
  “Vhy do you laugh? It&
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Potions Homework (Draco Malfoy X Lyra)
  Lyra sat in an empty classroom, quickly jotting some corrections to a potion down. Groaning in frustration, she stood up and walked over to the only cauldron in the room that was in use.
  It currently had a blue hue to it and was simmering on a low heat. Lyra grabbed some bat wings and added them to the mixture. The brew turned red and began frantically bubbling.
  “No, no!” Lyra backed away quickly as the potion spewed its contents everywhere.
  “Having trouble Vega?”
  Lyra turned to see Draco Malfoy standing behind her. “Oh, hi Draco. Yeah, a little.”
  Draco swept over to the cauldron, peering in. “What were you trying to make?”
  “I was trying to make an Expansion Potion. Sometimes I think Snape is tying to make our homework impossible to do.”
  She looked at Draco and saw a ghost of a smile cross his face. Lyra shook her head and turned back to the desk and grabbed her notebook.
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Cute (George Weasley X Jennica)
  Jennica approached the bland wall. Hogwarts was full of secrets, too many to count. Over the five years she had been here, there was one secret that the Weasley twins hadn’t taught her.
  A large oak door with steal hinges and bindings emerged from the solid wall. The room beyond the door had human sized puppets floating above the wood floor. Several candles and torches lighted the windowless room. If she wanted windows, she knew they would appear.
  A couch lined one wall with a desk next to it. A small kitchen area sat in one corner, complete with an ice-cooler and oven. There was even a sink. Another door off to the side led to a bathroom. She glanced at the counter and saw a plate of cheesecake sitting on a plate with a fork next to it, along with a glass of milk off to the side. The Room of Requirement certainly thought of everything.
  Mad-Eye-Moody, her godfather, had told her about this place. This is where she came when she needed to practice spells
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Tokka: Duty
Tokka: Duty
Bare feet padded softly on the deep green carpet. The soft fabric tickled the sensitive skin in between Toph’s toes. The tan walls normally looked bright, but with only moonlight coming in through a single window, it didn’t seem so happy in the living room that night. Toph approached a table that stood against one wall. On it, she knew it had a picture of her and Sokka, even if she didn’t know what it looked like. She could see the clay vase and the glass bowl though. She had made the vase for Sokka birthday. It had water tribe marks and symbols all over it, the biggest of which was the water tribe symbol. Sokka had made the bowl for her birthday, somehow. He still wouldn’t tell her how he did it, how he got the shape so perfect. Inside the bowl was sand from the seashore in the fire nation, along with some shells she and Sokka had collected resting on top of the sand.
She turned to face the opposite wall, leaning against the table. She k
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What I've Done: Pg 10 by 10yrsy What I've Done: Pg 10 :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 376 210
Sam Winchester X Reader: Gone
“The number you have dialed is currently out of service…”
You wanted to throw your phone against the dull gray wall of your small apartment.  Why did I even try? You thought.  You hadn’t been able to get into contact with Sam since Dean died nearly a year ago.  Apparently, he was too obsessed with finding the trickster to bother checking in with you, his girlfriend.  If he had bothered to check in, he wouldn’t have liked what he found.  Hell, you didn’t like it either, but you needed the money.  You missed the older Winchester as well, but you had to move on, something the youngest Winchester didn’t understand.
“No sense in leaving it like this.” You mumble, pressing ice to the spot on your arm where your boss had grabbed you rather forcefully.  By morning you would probably have a gnarly bruise.
You sighed again.  Turning your lamp off and ducking under your blankets.  You had another da
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Lost one (Newt Scamander x reader) Pt.3
WARNING: SPOILERS, Mention of hanging
(Y/N) sat there, completely still, her eyes wide in shock. She could hear cheers from a table across the room, the Hufflepuff table. She felt the boy from earlier, who took her hand lightly and lead her to the Hufflepuff table, sitting next to her. It seemed he was a Hufflepuff as well. She didn’t move. She didn’t speak. She felt several people pat her on the back in congratulations before the attention was off of her. Though she couldn’t see it, she could practically feel her sisters looking at her incredulously, maybe even with anger written across their faces. To be fair though, she could really only imagine Mony glaring at her as if it were her fault. Vanessa, she imagined, was giving her a vastly worried look, with her hands over her mouth in shock. One one thought entered her mind that she could process without getting sick, or
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Lost one (Newt Scamander x reader) Pt.2
WARNING: SPOILERS, Similarities to depression 
Jacob followed Newt as he carried (Y/N) further into the case. He was lead through the working area, to a door between the shack like room and where the habitats began. Newt nodded silently at the door, and Jacob stepped forward to open it. He moved to step away, before a cold hand landed on his shoulder. He looked back, surprised to find the girl, her grey eyes looking in his direction. Her expression was still saddening, like that of a child. One who had a bad day and was being carried to bed. Her eyes were glazed over, as if she were about to cry again. This close, Jacob could make out the hint of (e/c) still left in the lifeless grayness of her eyes.
“Are you…?” She started, but couldn’t seem to finish. He felt bad for her, and couldn’t stop comparing her to a child, a toddler even. His eyes softened at her
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Lost one (Newt Scamander x reader)
WARNING: SPOILERS, similarities to depression
It was a cold night in New York city. Any other normal person, or 'no-maj' as Jacob had learned them to be called, as well as himself, would be sleeping this late. They certainly wouldn't be traveling with a wizard trying to catch magic beasts and return them to an endless seeming case so they wouldn't destroy the city anymore than they already had. A few days ago, he would have thought of this as crazy, nonsense at best. Now though, well, a magic beast had just tried to mate with him. Shivering in the cold night air, he followed Newt across the frozen stream and towards a bridge, where they would retreat to the inside of the case to corral them back into their proper habitats.
Or, they were, until Newt stopped, standing straight up, listening. Jacob stopped as well, but slid into his friend's back because of the ice. Newt payed no mind, as he furrowed his brow, still listening. "What are you waiting for?" Jacob asked, before
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Elegant [Prof!Newt Scamander x Prof!Reader]
AU where Newt Scamander is a teacher at Hogwarts during the Golden Trio area.
Newt really did surprise himself by accepting the job as a professor at Hogwarts. After finishing his book he had planned on continuing his adventures and find more creatures, but as it turns out, his book was a massive hit, and not only were they going to use his book in schools all over the world, but Albus Dumbledore himself had personally come to ask the Magizoologist to take up the new teachers position.
As Dumbledore had said “Why settle for a good professor when we could have the best?”
Newt was flattered and accepted, probably more so because he didn't know how to turn the old man down than wanting to teach children. The ginger man did however make it clear that he would keep his suitcase with him, and refused to leave his creatures behind. Dumbledore had agreed, but only if he would be allowed to pet some of the beasts within the case. Newt often found the old man to be very
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A Sunny Spot (Bucky x reader)
    Bucky pokes at his little mound of scrambled eggs with a fork. His cheek rests in his palm as he stares at the food. Nightmares kept him up all night. When he closed his eyes all he could see were the things he's done, and the things done to him.
    Everyone chatters over their plates, oblivious to Bucky's struggle. Most have just accepted he’s a gloomy guy, paying little attention to when he's down.
    After breakfast, Bucky follows Sam and Steve to the lounge to watch a movie. Even as he watches, the heavy cloud hanging over him stays. Though he likes Sam, there are really only two people Bucky looks forward to seeing each day. Steve and…
    “Goooood afternoon, boys.” You cheer as you enter the room.
    Just at the sight of you, Bucky’s cloud begins to lift. You’ve had that effect on him for some time now. You always brought a ray of sunshine
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Sherlock x Pianist!Reader - Across The Street
Sliding the bow across the strings of his violin always calmed him down. It was raining outside, adding a dramatic feeling to his melancholy. The Woman was still on his mind. How she tricked him, how she made him feel so stupid. But he knew he'll see her again. She wasn't the type to just disappear.
As he played on, he found himself standing in front of the window. A new face appeared in his field of vision as his eyes wandered across the street, staying on the lonely window, facing his. A new person was sitting there behind a piano, looking out to the street for inspiration. Their eyes met for a few seconds, resulting in a smile sent in Sherlock's way. The detective was taken aback. While all the other neighbours were simply said, ordinary, the new face intrigued him. Was it the piano? No, the lady living next door sometimes played her own piano. Badly, mind her. It was the sudden smile. A simple act of kindness that made Sherlock's thoughts leap for a few precious seconds
:iconriddledemon:RiDdLeDeMoN 16 4
Mr. Handsome - Markiplier x reader
Mr. Handsome
Markiplier x shy!reader
Bit fluffy. Or really fluffy.
My first fic. Please don’t be too harsh, I tried.
(y/n) – your name
(b/f/n) – best friend’s name
(y/f/c) – your favourite colour
4,036 words
You’re finally relaxing at home on the couch after a long day at work catching up on some of your shows when your phone starts ringing. You look down to see your friend (b/f/n) calling, you let out a bit of a sigh and roll your eyes before answering. You know that if she’s calling at this time on a Friday it’s because she want to go out to a club or bar, which you were never too thrilled about. But you usually went anyway to make sure nothing would happen to her. “Hey, what’s up?” you ask as you lower the television volume and lean your head back to rest on the couch. “(y/n)! You better not be busy tonight because you and I are going to that new club a couple blocks from your place. Everyone is saying it
:iconfluffyplier:Fluffyplier 370 63
An Interesting night (Sherlock x Watson!Reader)
An interesting night
Imagine that your brother John Watson is getting married and has invited you and (Y/BF/N), your best friend, to the ceremony and the after party. You accidentally meet John's friends including his very handsome best friend Sherlock Holmes while you wander around waiting for the wedding to start. During the after party you sit in the corner because you're a wall flower unlike your best friend (Y/BF/N) who already has a dance partner. That is until you're asked to dance by none other than Sherlock.
Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you’re holding back
He said shut up and dance with me
This man is my destiny
He said oh, oh, oh
Shut up and dance with me
You loved your big brother. You really did. What you hated about your current predicament was
:iconsweetnursechapel:sweetnursechapel 11 1
Change of Path (Assassin!Sherlock x Reader)
AN: This story takes place in the Victorian Area (where the original Sherlock was created) and Sherlock is a little younger, say 20 years old.
Reader is 18 or older, but that's not so game-changing

You made your way into town, the basket on your arm waiting to be filled with goods you want to get at the local market.
Your parents were against you going out, numerous killings making the city a dangerous place for a young woman like you.
But you need the fresh goods and you refused the idea that somebody would go in your place to get them. This time out of the house was your time and you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Your family situation is difficult, you are still not married and your parents try to find a suitor for you. But you pushed everyone aside, you don't want to be stuck in a marriage, it isn't even sure if you would have financial security even if you agree.
Your parents want to see you happy, but you don't think they u
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 14 17
Jacksepticeye x Reader: The Unimaginable
“*WHAPISH* TOP O THE MORNIN TO YA, LADDIES!! MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!!!” Jack shouted his intro extra excitedly. “And I have some seriously big news today!” He bounced up and down in his seat, and many people could see that he was excited to get the news out. “So, ___________ and I have been trying for a baby lately, and today she came to me wit a pregnancy test and-and she's gonna have a baby! Can ye believe it!? I’m so excited! I’d love to be a father!” Jack giggled and went on talking about how excited and nervous he was about becoming a father.
The video received a lot of positive feedback, and Jack and his wife were wished the best of luck by fans, friends, and family alike. On ___________’s channel she kept everyone up to date on how her pregnancy was going and how far along she was. When she told everyone they were having a baby boy, many fans in the comments started offering suggestions for names. Jack and __________ ended
:iconbeatlemaniac01:Beatlemaniac01 101 70
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Yes, I have some stories that I'm putting up. Long story short, my friends and I have always wanted to go to Hogwarts. We want to do a story, but have yet to get that started. In the meantime, I decided to write some short stories for them. I'll hopefully get them all up soon, as I have yet to type them up. 

Hope you enjoy.



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